Dussehra , the festival of ‘VICTORY OF GOOD OVER EVIL’. At Max Valley, it was celebrated on October 16 th , 2018 in the school premises. Students were told about the significance behind celebrating this festival every year. Teachers played different roles depicting the characters of ‘RAMAYAN’. Students were told that effigy of Ravana is burnt in mark the significance of Good over Evil. Lord Ravana was the king of Sri Lanka. He had 10 heads which implies that he had intelligence and brain of 10 persons. He was the most intelligent human. It is also said that he created a staircase to heaven. He was a devotee of Lord Shiva. And thereafter Lord Shiva was impressed with his devotion and he blessed him with the supernatural powers. In Ramayana, it is said that he changed his identity and kidnapped Goddess Sita (wife of Lord Rama). Lord Rama fought for her wife. He took help of his brother Lord Lakshman, Lord Hanuman and his Vanar Sena and built a bridge between Ayodhya and Sri Lanka. During the fight Lord Ravana was killed by Lord Rama with his arrow. The children came dressed up as different characters of ‘Ramayana’. On this occasion a small effigy of Ravana was burnt in the school and the Prasad was distributed among the students.


Max Valley School celebrated Christmas in all its joy and happiness. Christmas brings cheer and love. we celebrated it with the same fervor ,spreading the message of love and joy among our children's There was a carol presented by the teacher's .Christmas cake were distributed to the students during lunch. A teacher narrated funny story on Santa Clause and children enjoyed it a lot. An act played on christmas by the teachers and tell why do we celebrated christmas. A teacher explain the importance of the birth of Jesus to children.children enjoyed a lot the dance party. Chocolates and takeaways distributed to children at the time of dispersal. In this way the Maxians celebrated christmas by learning the lessons of mutual brotherhood and love. Take a peak at the fun we have had that day.


‘Raksha Bandhan’ is the festival of brothers and sisters. It depicts the bond of the siblings. Here the sisters tie a thread known as ‘Rakhi’ on the wrist of their brothers, which marks that the brother will take good care of his sister and will always stand by her side throughout the thicks and thins of the life.At Max Valley, the real siblings were asked to bring a Rakhi and a gift. A proper description was given to the students of this festival.Children danced on the song ‘Phoolo ka taaron ko, sabka kehna hai.. Ek hazaro me, meri behna hai..’ Celebrating these festivals plays an important role in our lives.


Diwali or the festival of lights is celebrated with much pump and show in Various regions across India. It means ‘array of lights’. The festival marks the triumph of good over evil. To make the students understand the importance of Diwali. Max Valley School had a celebration in school on 5th November 2018. The school had a special assembly by the students of class I st and 2 nd . They performed a skit on "Say No To Crackers". Students were told about the importance of green and safe environment. A "Go Green" rally was also held on 4th November 2018 at Sunshine County Sushant City Ansal. Parents and students gathered , they all participated in the rally. Slogans were "Say No To Crackers", "Pollution Free Diwali","Ecofriendly Diwali","Go Green To Breathe Clean". Rangoli making competition was also held among various classes and students were given appreciation and position certificates. The students enjoyed the Diwali celebration whole heartedly.