Baby Show

BABY-SHOW (29 TH Dec’ 2018)

Our school organized its Fourth Grand Baby Show on 29 th December 2018. The morning was bright with
the glowing faces of tiny tots and their parents. The décor of the premises mirrored the liveliness of childhood. Since kids of varied age groups were invited, they were entertained through various activities as per their age. For 0-2 years we presented baby titles like chubby, cheeks, adorable child, charming eyes, cute smile etc. kids of 4-8 years showcased their talent through drawing and colouring competitions. For 2-4 years there was rhyme recitation competition. These activities gave them a platform to showcase their talent and boost their confidence.

To continue the theme of childhood, parents enjoyed a variety of games like, musical statue, paper
dance and putting bindi on forehead. The day was full of cheer and laughter, and the smile of satisfaction on parent’s face made it even more enchanting. Here at Max Valley we live by the theory that childhood is simply connecting new dots in new ways. And our baby show connected us to many new dots which will enlighten our paths.