About Us

Max Valley School is an English Medium, co-educational school situated in the green and safe environment of Max Heights Society.

It is a premier institution, one of the most progressive schools of the area providing inclusive education and designed in an inspiring infrastructure, along with fully trained and dedicated staff. We endeavor to nurture the creativity of tiny tots with love, patience and dedication.

Our activity based Delhi curriculum is child-friendly. Teaching methodology includes games and activities, trips, walks and hands-on learning, group activities, phonetics, sight impact cards, flash cards etc. to make learning interesting and retentive.

Being fully air conditioned with well-lit rooms, various play facilities and a huge ball pool; the nursery provides a superlative learning experience for the child who moves out of home for the first time.

Students participate in class, club activities and competitions, project days, celebration of special days, assemblies, festivals, presentations, dance, stage activity, skit, taekwondo, yoga and meditation. This not only provides physical development, but holistic nurturing as well.

We believe every child has undiscovered potential. They only needs to be polished till every facet shines through with its own brilliance.

Max Valley School, thus imparts education by which character is formed, strength of body and mind increased manifolds and the intellect expanded. No child is bound by any limits. The sky is the limit for every Max Vallian.

Our play way method includes activities like :

   • Free and Structured Conversation
   • Story Telling & Story Making
   • Dramatization
   • Rhymes and songs
   • Music and Movement
   • Free indoor play with puzzles, beads, blocks, etc.
   • Outdoor play
   • Sand Play
   • Water play
   • Puppet play
   • Circle/ Group games & Activities
   • Structured cognitive & language activities with play material
   • Nature walk
   • Field trips / Excursions

The Mission & The Vision

The Vision

The vision of Max valley school is to nurture the balanced development of body, mind and the spirit, leading to the fulfillment of each individual’s potential within the broader community in all its diversity.

The school aims to ensure excellence in teaching and learning and also further to nurture and support all abilities; helping every child to achieve his/her potential in all the areas of learning- social, intellectual, physical, emotional and social. The school focuses to equip children with the skills and positive attitudes to become learners for life within an ever changing world.

The Mission

Learning- social, intellectual, physical, emotional and social.
Max valley school is committed to the development of a knowledge community that challenges students to recognize their individual potential and ensures learning is a central activity for all. Students are provided with diverse opportunities in a multicultural environment where life-long learning is fostered.

Principal's Message

Max Valley School is a unique educational environment.It is a place where we have committed ourselves to the vision of raising achievement & aspirations.
The School has chosen to place itself at the forefront of education develop, the focus on developing learning environments and a commitment for MVS to be inclusive, with unique ways to help all students continue their learning.

The School Prides itself on its innovative & rich curriculum. We place a strong emphasis on working with parents and the community, enabling all students to maximize their abilities, ambitions and academic potential in everything they do.
I Welcome you to MVS where every single child is valued, supported, encouraged & treasured.

Regards.. (Meetu Mehra)

Values for Max Valley School

The Max valley school works hand in hand with the under mentioned values

RESPECT – Acknowledging the rights and opinions of others including their right to learn.
   • Bring positive about other people, their work & thinking.
   • Looking after the environment & school equipment.
   • Acknowledging the personal space of others.
   • Providing the MVS uniform.

Responsibility – Maintains a clean and tidy indoor and outdoor environment
   • Cooperating with others.
   • Regular school attendance.
   • Punctuality towards school and class.
   • Working consistently to complete tasks.
   • Moving and playing safely.

Inculcate – Encouraging others
   • Being positive about efforts.
   • Accepting others for who they are
   • Embracing and celebrating difference
   • Working consistently.

Valour – Applying oneself to learning
   • Demonstrating strength –emotional and academic
   • Supporting peers
   • Demonstrating reliability and honesty.
   • Being able to genuinely self-appraise

Passion – Demonstrating a love of learning
   • Demonstrating enthusiasm in a special interest
   • Caring for others
   • Caring for the environment
   • Demonstrating commitment to a cause